Reasons To Hire A Licensed Architect for Your Next Home Project

Hello! I am Betsy Yankopolus, licensed architect, and owner of Yankopolus Architecture and Design Studio in Gainesville, Florida. We are an architecture and design firm specializing in creating beautiful spaces that are uniquely yours. We navigate your design challenges, code and building logistics, and make your vision come to life. Today’s blog is about why you should use a licensed architect for your building design, interior and exterior home renovations.

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Navigating Building Codes

An architect is a licensed design expert, familiar with governing national and local building codes, systems, site planning, materials, local zoning codes, and building safety. Architects apply this knowledge to each project to protect public health, safety, and welfare as they relate to the construction and occupancy of residential and commercial buildings and structures.

A designer or architectural designer may work under a licensed architect or builder, but they are not licensed. To obtain a license, an architect must earn a degree from an approved architectural program, completing 3,740 hours working under a supervising architect, and passing all 6 parts of the Architect Registration Exam. This process ensures that architects are design experts.

Whenever you make construction changes beyond changing finishes, you must draft up drawings to document the changes, have them approved and stamped by a licensed architect, engineer, or contractor, and then approved and checked by local planning and/or building departments. The “permit drawing set” for both residential and commercial projects must be obtained before construction can begin.

Architects are trained to solve design problems, such as too many hallways or wasted space, in creative and functional ways. After the design phase, they put together detailed and comprehensive drawings which help obtain very accurate pricing from contractors. The architect’s drawings document how the building should look and function, which the contractor then utilizes for the build. Architects can work within your budget, with alternative package options at different price points. Architects are responsible for putting the client’s custom design together, while ensuring building safety and code compliance.

Building design and home renovation projects can get complicated, with many moving parts in a project, timelines and lead times, and coordinating with the selected contractor. The architect will act as your agent by managing all these pieces. They translate all of your home needs into a cohesive design and a clear and detailed set of drawings and organize all the moving parts before construction commences. In the end, hiring an architect will save you time, money, make the process go smoothly, and minimize conflicts and delays.

A good architect has developed and maintains good relationships with reputable contractors and can recommend building professionals for your project. The architect and contractor will work together to resolve any issue on the project, keep it moving along, address unique circumstances that may arise (for instance: lead paint, electrical, HVAC, materials or installation not up to par, etc.), and ensure your project is completed in a professional and timely manner. In hiring an architect, the client can ensure there will always be a second set of eyes on the project and be able to mediate if the need arises.

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Modern Designs

Good design sells, and a good architect can ensure you have the best possible design for your space.

A well-designed, functional, and appealing house has a higher resale value. If you are looking for residential architects near Gainesville, I’d be happy to help you create personalized spaces to live and love your life in! Reach out to me below.